The Right Tools Deployed So We Can Focus On YOU

Traveltime offers a variety of travel technologies that help us manage client travel quickly and accurately. Our browser based desktop reservation system is designed to give us full and flexible control with instant access to the vast content and pricing options that travelers demand, in a single search. Every reservation passes through an automated quality check that verifies the logic, completeness, validity and accuracy of the information in the reservation. Once reservations are complete, travelers receive an electronic receipt with a detailed itinerary. The mobile version of this application allows travelers to have their trip(s) in hand at all times. It alerts them of changes in their itinerary as well as the ability to check in on line. In the event that a trip is changed or cancelled, Traveltime will monitor and track, retrieve, refund or exchange unused electronic tickets that have reusable value.

If your employees prefer to book their own business travel, they can do so while still complying with company travel policy by using Traveltime's Online Booking Tool.